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Volunteer Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering to support Stober students!  In order to maintain a safe, constructive, and professional environment, we ask that you keep the following in mind while volunteering:
  • Consider volunteer work a serious, professional commitment, and view the position as valid and important.
  • Represent Stober, at all times, in an appropriate and responsible manner.
  • Be aware of and abide by Jeffco School District and Stober Elementary policies and procedures.
  • Act as a member of the team when working with other volunteers and staff.
  • Be prompt and reliable in reporting for work, and follow through on all commitments.
  • Keep an accurate record of volunteer hours by using the sign-in sheet in the front office.
  • Wear a visitor's badge while working at Stober.
  • Dress in an appropriate manner for the position.
  • Participate in school-wide recycling programs.
  • Consider supporting Stober by maintaining a membership in our PTA.
  • Provide feedback on your experience.