New Student FAQs

Stober's parking lot is really small.  Where else can I park?
In addition to the main parking lot (accessed by turning east on W. 22nd Pl., then north on Union St.), street parking is available on the east side of Urban, on W. 22nd Pl., and on Union St.  Please observe all traffic laws, including parking the correct direction and not blocking driveways, fire hydrants or fire lanes.  The Hug 'n Go Loop can also be used for overflow parking, except during school drop-off and pick-up times. 
Is there anywhere I should NOT park?
Parking is NOT allowed in the bus lane or fire lanes. Also, please do not park on the west side of Urban south of the parking lot exit as it causes traffic congestion and can make it impossible for buses to leave the parking lot.
What other rules should I follow when using the Hug 'n Go Loop?
Pull up to the curb on the outside of the loop so that your child can safely exit the car on the right side, directly onto the sidewalk.  Do not stop on the inside of the loop as we do not want children walking in front of cars and because it causes traffic congestion.  Please be mindful of parking in a way that allows other cars adequate space to drive past your car and be sure to signal when pulling away from the curb as there have been accidents in the past.  If you would like to walk your child into school, please park in the parking lot or on the street instead. 
What time should I drop my child off for school and where do they wait?   
Students can be dropped off after 8am, the first bell rings at 8:15, and the late bell rings at 8:20.  Students should proceed inside to the gym where they wait in their class' line until they are dismissed to go to their respective classrooms after morning announcements and the Pledge of Allegiance.  Students should enter the building through the front door and staff members are present in the gym once students are allowed inside the building. 
Should I walk my child all the way into the gym or say goodbye at the front door?
Please feel free to determine what you think will be best for your child.  Many children benefit from having someone walk them to the gym to find their class' line for the first week of school while others prefer a different approach.
Are there ways to make my child's transition into Stober easier?
While attending a new school or starting Kindergarten can be intimidating for some children, communicating that you have confidence in their ability to succeed is often very helpful.  Stober's Social Worker, Jaime Brenner, is an excellent resource for any additional questions you and/or your child may have.
What if my child arrives late?
If students arrive after the late bell has rung, they should stop in the office to get a late pass.
If my child will not be coming to school, who do I need to contact?
Please call the Stober office (303-982-7610) if your child will not be attending school.  You may wish to contact your child's teacher for extended absences as well. 
What time does school end in the afternoon?
Kindergartners will be dismissed at 3pm and all other students will be dismissed at 3:05. 
Where should I wait for my child after school?
Parents can wait in the courtyard outside the front door; Kindergarten teachers will walk their students to the courtyard while all other classes will be dismissed from their rooms. Some parents designate another meeting spot on school grounds to meet their child.
When is the best time to talk to my child's teacher about questions I may have?
Most teachers provided their voicemail numbers and e-mail addresses to families at the beginning of the year.  Since each teacher may have different preferences, feel free to ask whether a phone call, e-mail or scheduled meeting is the best avenue for questions;  teachers are often available after school for quick questions.  Additionally, Parent/Teacher conferences are typically scheduled for all students in October and for some students in February (teachers will request a conference for some students, and parents will be given the option of scheduling a conference for all others).
Are there any processes I need to follow when visiting the school?
Always enter Stober through the front doors during school hours by pushing the button to the right of the door and waiting for access.  Once the door is opened, please stop in the front office to sign in for security purposes.  There are sign-in sheets on the counter at the front desk for visitors, volunteers, and student sign-out, and you will be given a badge to wear while in the school if you are visiting or volunteering.
I heard that I could eat lunch with my child.  Do I need to let anyone know that I'm planning on coming?
You are welcome to join your child for lunch and may bring food for yourself and/or your child.  If you are planning on eating hot lunch, please call the office in the morning prior to 9am so adequate food is prepared;  you do not need to call ahead if you are not eating hot lunch.  Most teachers provided schedules to families at the beginning of the year, however, you may want to confirm the exact lunch start time prior to arriving since most classes go to recess prior to eating (note: both Kindergarten classes eat first then go to recess).  Lunch schedules may change on early release days.  Don't forget to stop in the front office to sign in on your way to lunch!  Finally, teachers have observed that it can sometimes make the transition/separation more difficult for students who are struggling when parents come to lunch the first 1-2 weeks of school, so you may want to consider this when planning your lunch date with your child.
What is the Hall of Fame and what kind of award might my child receive?
During Stober's monthly school assembly, students receive awards ranging from Perfect Attendance to Student of the Month and Honor Roll.  Teachers send invitations home as often as possible when students will be receiving an award so parents can attend if interested;  invitations often specify whether a student is receiving an award for "Outstanding Attendance" or "Academic Achievements". 
What Class Parties are scheduled throughout the school year and can I attend?
Students will have Halloween, Winter Holiday, and Valentine’s Day classroom parties;  the Halloween party typically includes a student parade through classrooms.  Parties may also include support for school sponsored Fun Day activities (Game Day, Craft, etc.).  Room Parents send requests for food and volunteers home with students prior to parties.
What is a Flex Day and an Early Release Day?
During Flex Days, teachers conduct one on one testing and students only attend school during their scheduled testing window;  there are typically no buses, and breakfast and lunch are not served in the cafeteria.  Due to budget reductions, teachers lost some of their planning time, so Jeffco included a series of Early Release Days for professional development, collaborative teamwork, and data analysis;  there are typically buses, and breakfast and lunch are served in the cafeteria on these days.
How can I purchase Stober t-shirts and other gear?
Stober Spirit Wear is pre-ordered and must be paid for in advance.  Order forms will be sent home periodically throughout the school year or feel free to contact our Spirit Wear chairperson.
Are there any daycare options at Stober for my child before and after school and during school vacations?
The YMCA runs a Before and After School program at Stober as well as during early release days, school vacations, etc.  Contact and rate information is available on their website or call Stober's office for specific information.
How can I get involved in my child's classroom?
Teachers in all grades will be looking for volunteers to act as Room Parents to organize holiday parties and other special activities.  Volunteers are needed in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade classrooms for support around filing, reading, phonics, sight words, math, and flash cards;  needs vary by teacher in upper grades.  Many teachers also need volunteers for tasks that can be done at home, such as filing, organizing, cutting, and sorting.  Feel free to speak directly with your child's teacher or contact the Stober office (303-982-7610).  Please read through our volunteer guidelines as well.
What other opportunities exist to get involved at Stober?
Read about Stober's Activities and Events to learn about additional ways our volunteers support students.  We have grouped these activities and events into four categories:  Student Enrichment, School Support, Community Building, and Fundraising, and you will find a full list with descriptions and contact information to get involved or ask questions. 
Should I start saving the Box Top labels I see on some grocery store purchases for Stober fundraising?
Absolutely!  We collect Box Tops for Education for Stober fundraising. 
How do I join the PTA?
You can Join PTA online (or by talking to a PTA Board Member as well) and we'd love to have you join us on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm in the Stober Cafeteria to learn about upcoming school activities and PTA programs, and to provide input on school related issues. Meetings are open to all parents, typically run 60-90 minutes, and free childcare is provided in the gym.  While we would love to see you at meetings, if you would prefer to volunteer but not attend meetings, please feel free to do so!

Check out the rest of our PTA website to learn more about Stober!!!
Our website includes a calendar and announcements, information about joining PTA, our Stober Stallion Booster Club and purchasing a Yearbook, descriptions of the various Activities and Events taking place at Stober, and a Teacher Wish List!  Don't forget to check out Stober's website, too!
Do you need a clarification or have more questions that aren't answered here???
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