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PTA Membership

PTA benefits your child and the entire Stober Community!  Becoming a PTA member simply means that you support the efforts of the PTA.  If you would like to attend meetings and/or volunteer for PTA sponsored events, you are welcomed and encouraged.  Please become involved at whatever level works for you and your family, and feel free to fill out our Interest and Talent Survey to let us know if you have any special talents or skills we may call upon to help support the Stober learning environment and community.  We encourage all parents, grandparents, family members, and businesses to join us; you do not have to have a child at Stober in order to join.  
Individual membership dues are $12/person and business dues are $25;  $6.25 of individual and $10 of business dues goes to county, state, and national PTAs while the remainder helps pay for Weekly Readers, Friday Folders, and the multitude of other activities and events put on by Stober's PTA. By joining PTA, you will receive a copy of the Student Directory as well (copies can be purchased without joining PTA for $10). 
Membership Documents
Dues can be paid for online via PaySchools, and you can join the Stober Stallion Booster Club or purchase a Yearbook at the same time as well.  After paying via PaySchools, be sure to fill out the Online PTA Fees Form.  You can also print a copy of the PTA Membership Application or copies are available in the Stober office, where you can submit it with your dues.

Contact Information
For further information, contact our Membership chair, Mariko Jenkins, 303-808-1118.

Stober PTA Business Members
Check back for a list of our PTA Business Members soon!