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Student Enrichment

Student Enrichment activities are designed to encourage learning and help students develop skills, values and relationships.
After School Enrichment - various activities students can participate in to promote extracurricular interests, some taught by Stober parents and some by outside companies (Cursive Club, Mad Science, Running Club, Sticky Fingers, etc.)
ContactCindy Clement, 303-462-3054 OR Meghan McManus, 303-917-1267
Technology - committee formed to identify various technological improvements that can be made to enrich students' school experience (SMART Boards, etc.)
Contact:  Will Morton, 303-433-2785
Class Parties - organizing Halloween, Winter Holiday, and Valentine’s Day classroom parties, may also include support for school sponsored Fun Day activities (Game Day, Craft, etc.)
Contact: Stober Office, 303-982-7610 (for additional information)
Reflections - art contest for students sponsored by National PTA
Position Open - please contact our Co-Presidents for information about this position!
Snowflake Bazaar - in-school gift store with small items students can purchase as holiday gifts, including subsidy for needy students
ContactLinda Helms, 303-422-5861 OR  Kim Clark, 303-423-4514
Giving Tree - holiday gift donation drive for needy Stober students and their siblings
ContactCharla Mondragon, 303-237-4933
Race to Read - program to encourage reading with prizes for various numbers of hours read
ContactDeana Dow, 303-274-6440