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Suggested Donations

Items of High Interest - Items that are unique and special are always big sellers.  A key to determining if an item will be “hot” on auction night is whether the item or service is not readily available to the public.  Some examples are included below.
Handmade items - knitting, decoupage, tile, glasswork, etc.
Auto repair, service, detailing
Autographed and limited run books
Landscaping services
Sporting event tickets
Sports equipment, new or autographed
Weekend or extended getaways - cabin, condo, hotel, bed & breakfast, in or out of state!
Ski passes or packages
Golf outings
Theatre tickets
Professional photography packages
Kid related events, museums or activities
Specialty wines
Cocktail gift sets - Martini, Margarita, Scotch, etc.
Custom classes or get-togethers
Restaurant gift certificates
Spa gift certificates
Boutique items or gift certificates
Popular retail store gift certificates
Unique experiences - remember it isn't just who you know, but who they know!
Cash - always welcomed!