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Stober King Soopers Cards

Do you shop at King Soopers and want to do some easy fundraising?  Stober King Soopers cards are the answer!  Use them like any other gift card;  whatever you spend is deducted from the balance and any remaining $$ will be there the next time you shop.
King Soopers pays Stober 5% of all purchases
made using Stober King Soopers cards!
Follow these easy steps to get underway:
  1. Go to the Stober office to buy a Stober King Soopers gift card.
  2. Do your grocery shopping at King Soopers and make your purchases using your gift card.
  3. Once your gift card has a $0 balance, reload it at customer service or at any checkout stand.  Note:  please allow a few minutes for King Soopers' system to add the balance to your card.
Stober King Soopers cards can be used at any Kroger owned store nationwide, including CityMarket, Fred Meyer, and others listed at, so invite friends and family members to participate, too.

Additional Tips
  • Don't let your card go more than 90 days without a balance, or the link to Stober will expire. 
  • When your card balance is running low, stop at Customer Service on your way into the store (so the system has a few minutes to add the $$ to your card) to add money using cash, check or credit card.
  • If you use the remaining balance on your card while paying, you can add money to your card in a separate transaction so it's ready to go for your next shopping trip.


Contact Information
For further information, contact Liz Smalley, 303-568-3500.